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Radio Show – Exciting Life Changing Experience!

Yes…our web radio is ready to launch!

Check it out here: Brainsweep (BSW) Radio

Listen and learn how to beat PTSD

Go to the link posted above, and sign up for the radio show to listen to ME and the other hosts share our own experiences about all kinds of different topics including, but not limited to: PTSD, family, first responders, care giving, parenting, military life, creating success, life as a parent with an ill child, and being friends with your body (that’s mine!!!). The focus is about how memories and emotions, traumas (large and small), and emotional situations can cause our brains to produce a PTSD response affecting our bodies, and health, as well as how to manage it. There will be different topics depending on the host and their specialty.

Wherever you are – just log into your BSW RADIO membership account to hear the programs. $5 per month gets you all of our RADIO programs, 24/7/365

Go to Brainsweep (BSW) Radio, sign up for 1 month @ $5 then join us and learn how to beat PTSD, anxiety, depression, emotional trauma and more.

Additionally, participate in our  Your Cause Is Our Cause and get our help raising money every day for your cause and try for our annual $1,000,000 Grant.

ximena velasquez radio show