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What if the cure for all dis-eases had been discovered? Frequencies is the name of the game and yes, this is exactly what Dr. Royal R. Rife did in the 1930’s!

As you know, our thoughts, words, actions are energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything in life is energy and it vibrates at a certain frequency.  The higher the frequency of an object is the more solid it show ups in our view but in reality, nothing is solid.  According to St. Germain, in order to change one’s life, heal any dis-ease, create abundance or ascend with the physical body is to raise one’s vibration and frequency!

Dr. Royal R. Rife had discovered the frequencies of all dis-eases including canc
er.  In 1934 Dr. Rife was able to cure terminal cancer of 86.5% of the patients in a 90 day study. The remaining 13.5% responded within the next four weeks; therefore, the overall success rate was 100%.

If you have guessed what kept this discovery hidden, you are right. There was no money to be made with this discovery; instead the drug companies would lose money!  Do not forget that the drug companies’ job is not to heal people but to keep them dependent on their products. What would socienergyMDT frequenciesety be like if we did not need to depend on chemicals to get better?

I learned about Dr. Rife’s lifetime study about a month and a half ago in a casual conversation with a friend. I have been listening to rife frequencies almost daily and yes, they do work! And the best thing about it is that rife frequencies recordings can be found in youtube!  How does it get any better than this?

Browse the rife frequencies available, perhaps there is something that will be a contribution to you and your body!

Sample of frequencies in youtube: