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By Ximena Velasquez / September 17, 2018

Community Service

Have you ever thought of community service?  Being a contributing member of your community? Lately, I have been asked, "what...

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By Ximena Velasquez / September 16, 2018

Workplace Violence…Are You At Risk?

Have you experienced violence in your workplace? Yes, workplace violence.  Who would have thought that we would be talking about violence...

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By Ximena Velasquez / September 15, 2018

Stress…Your Friend or Foe?

Most people think of stress and associate negative things but what if stress was your friend?  What if stress is...

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By Ximena Velasquez / August 13, 2017

Radio Show – Exciting Life Changing Experience!

Yes...our web radio is ready to launch! Check it out here: Brainsweep (BSW) Radio Listen and learn how to beat PTSD...

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By Ximena Velasquez / April 1, 2017

Emotional Trauma – PTSD

Emotional trauma is experienced by many segments of the population. It can leave you struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, and anxiety...

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By Ximena Velasquez / March 5, 2017


What if the cure for all dis-eases had been discovered? Frequencies is the name of the game and yes, this...

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By Ximena Velasquez / February 26, 2017

More Tools

A couple of months ago I was looking for a subliminal affirmation screen saver.  One that you could customize to...

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