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We have all walked into a home or office and felt uncomfortable. The uncomfortableness could be due to past conflicts (i.e., emotional, physical) in the environment (home/office), drug/alcohol abuse or simply due to entities without bodies living with you (otherwise known as “ghosts” or “spirits”).  Environments like this require space clearing.

If you are experiencing paranormal activities in your environment, then you are probably hosting one or more spirits that are making their presence known to you.

  • Do you hear noises other than your “typical house” noises?
  • Does it feel like someone is watching you?
  • Does it feel like your hair or shoulders are being touched?
  • Are things moving around in your house?
  • Do you smell fragrances and nothing is there?

Most of the time ghosts will try to get your attention in the hope that you can help them cross over into the Light. On the other hand, a darker entity or demon may try to frighten and anger you, to develop the kind of negative environment that they thrive on.

We have helped many businesses to prosper and many people to heal their homes and themselves mentally, spiritually and physically. It all starts with educating the property owners and then taking action to remedy the situation.

Space clearing consultation

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